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You can access the course at any time once enrolled; start and stop as needed. Go through the units as quickly or as slowly as you’d like.

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Units come with printable and ready-to-use worksheets and other tools, so you can apply what you’re learning to your practice immediately.

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Together, your instructors have a combined 20 years of experience in pediatric dental marketing—and they’re available to answer your questions.

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This course doesn’t end with the final lesson; once inside, you’ll be invited to join the instructors’ online groups and Live Q&A sessions to stay updated and connected.

Podcasts and webinars and blogs, oh my! Learning everything you need to know about marketing your pediatric dental practice can feel like a job in itself. If you’re tired of trying to locate and keep up with the best marketing advice for pediatric dentists, you’ve come to the right place.

Marketing strategist and pediatric dental hygienist Minal Sampat and ground marketer Michael Arias have combined their 20+ years of pediatric dental marketing knowledge in an all-inclusive online course! 

We know these days can feel uncertain, but one thing we know for sure is that children still need their dentists. With the right marketing strategy, you can help them find you online and offline and build the trust necessary to become their Pediatric Dental Home!

Ready to learn everything you need to know to get your practice’s marketing converting? Ready to start bringing new patients through the door?

Let’s do this! 

Is This Course Right For Me?

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What's Included In The Course?

This course includes 30+ units chock-full of all the latest, best-practice marketing strategies for pediatric dentists. These units share strategies that leverage the most current platforms and tools as well as evergreen tactics, so you can build a marketing plan foundation that will last for years to come. 

Once the course is completed, you’ll have everything you need to design a marketing plan customized for your practice, implement it, and delegate tasks to talented team members to ensure it gets done. This is a no-fluff course with only real, actionable advice: we want to see your practice succeed! 

Tap into Your Community; Go to Them, and They’ll Come to You
For the second half of the Pediatric Dental Marketing Course, Michael Arias shares his ground marketing strategies, showing dental practices how to log valuable face time with their communities to build relationships and increase the number of new patients walking through the door. These units include information on:
  • Community Research
  • Reaching Day Cares
  • Connecting with Schools
  • Engaging with Medical Locations
  • Utilizing Chamber of Commerce
  • Marketing with Learning Centers
  • What to Do, Say, and Give at Pre School Presentations
  • Building Small Businesses Relationships
  • Creating Pipelines
  • Performing at Events
  • Calling Leads Effectively
  • Getting Organized
  • Scripts & More for Effective Communication
Know Your Numbers, Know Your Audience, and Connect
The first 12 units, presented by marketing strategist, speaker, and bestselling author Minal Sampat, offer modern marketing basics with special attention given to digital, online, and social media marketing. Learn how to create effective marketing strategies and maximize your marketing budget. These units cover:
  • Creating a Marketing Plan that Works For Your Practice
  • Identifying Your Patient Families
  • Creating Parent and Patient Avatars
  • What, When & How to post Social Media platforms
  • Messaging for Social Media Engagement
  • Creating a Social Media Content Calendar
  • Instagram Training Videos
  • Video Marketing
  • Repurposing Video Content
  • Givebacks, Contests and Promotions
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Building Brand Reputation & Reviews
  • Patient Journey to Conversion



These units come with worksheets, scripts and printables to ensure implementation and conversion.

Live Q&A

Subscribers to the course will be invited to exclusive Live Q&As to collaborate, learn, and ask questions.


Access to Minal and Michael’s Facebook group to learn from them and other dental practices.


New information will be continually added to the course as the market and technology evolve.

Meet Our Course Creators

Minal Sampat, BA, RDH

Born in India, raised in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and now residing in Washington State, Minal has drawn from a wealth of life experience for her over decade-long dental marketing career. 

Pediatric dental marketing is her favorite speciality. Why? Because she’s also a pediatric dental hygienist! Minal started her career at a pediatric dentistry practice and has always loved the fun and family-centered culture that comes with it. Now, she’s ready to share that passion and insight with you.

Minal's business & marketing strategies been featured in industry press AND in once, not twice but 7 times in the lsat 3 years!

Michael Arias

Based in Los Angeles and with nearly a decade of dental marketing experience, Michael Arias is the founder of the Ground Marketing strategy. Through his work as host of The Dental Marketer podcast and The Dental Marketer Society Facebook group, he’s heard first-hand about the specific marketing struggles pediatric dental practices experience. 

After testing various solutions to pediatric dental professionals’ most common marketing pain points, Michael is ready to share his narrowed-down list of tried-and-true, boots-on-the-ground community marketing strategies.

Michael's ground marketing podcast has over 600,000+ subscribers!

Details, Info & More!

Enrollment includes immediate access to all 30 units, which can be viewed as many times as you like. You can start and pause it at any time, and can always revisit units, videos, and resources whenever you need it. You can also complete the course units in any order, though we recommend working through them in the order provided. You also gain access to monthly Q&A sessions/office hours with Michael and Minal, downloadable worksheets to assist with implementation, outreach scripts, and additional resources and information as it becomes available in a world where marketing and technology are constantly evolving.

  • One-time payment: $2497
  • Monthly installments: $915/month for 3 months
  • After one year, a recurring annual fee of $297 covers continuous access to lessons, resources, new modules/content, and presentations from expert guest speakers AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN (yes, we do add content every single month!) as we continue to update and add to the course over time. 

Your initial enrollment fee covers one year of access. After a year, the annual recurring fee provides access to the course for the entirety of its existence.

This course is designed to provide value to every practice, from startups to large offices with marketing departments. The information provided is universally useful in pediatric dental marketing and easy to understand, delivered by fun and friendly experts. No matter your experience level, you will benefit from this course. In fact, our current course members range from new practice owners to over 40 years of practice ownership. 

Yes! We have members in our course right now who are a general practice who sees children and families, and they are killing it with their results.

That’s ok, this is not a “project” that needs to be done at a certain time, this is your progress to your perfect practice. There is no rush in completing this course all within one week, one month, or even one year! We have many members who have their team (assistants, F.O., O.M., hygienists, and even associates) watch the course, and whenever there is a “no-show” or “last-minute cancellation”, they will do a strategy from the course and bring in new patients!

We have members who purchased the course months before they opened, mastered just a couple of the digital marketing and ground marketing strategies, and once they opened… they brought in OVER 80 new patients! They were prepared, they executed, and they are well on their way to over 100 new patients a month!

Michael and Minal will hold monthly office hours (Live Q&A) to answer questions and connect with enrollees. Additionally, enrollees can always email for a direct answer to any questions. Do you have a question about enrollment? Send us an email and we will get it answered! 

  • Worksheets, scripts, and printable to ensure implementation and conversion
  • New information and updates are added to the course as the market and technology evolves
  • Exclusive invitation to live Q&A sessions to collaborate, learn and ask questions
  • Access to Minal and Michael’s Facebook groups to learn directly from them and other thriving dental practices

Hear from Our Members!

You’ve heard us rave about why this course is worth it, but now we want you to hear it from other pediatric practice owners and colleagues who are now enrolled into the course.

Our course is designed for the success of ALL Pediatric Dental Practices. Just within our current course members alone, we have brand new practice owners, practice owners with 10 years under their belt, and owners who have been in business for over 40 years.

They are getting new patients, in through the door, immediately, efficiently, and effectively.  

Learn how to get into local businesses, schools, day cares, clothing stores, Chamber of Commerce, learning centers, medical locations, photographers, and so many more locations in your community! 

Learn how to build an effective social media marketing plan, how to effectively create marketing campaigns that gets you new patients, learn how to get referrals and reviews EVERY SINGLE DAY and so much more!

We will also CONTINUE to add more strategies to the course! You’ll be invited to our monthly “OFFICE HOURS” where we will have experts, coaches, and dental professionals answering any and all of your questions and concerns. 

We will support you every step of the way.

Don’t procrastinate, enroll now before enrollment closes! 

In less than 60 days from now, you could be welcoming a new group of eager new patients from all over your community into your beautiful practice! 

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